What is a Cult and a Non-Christian cult in Christianity?In todays debate between differing religious groups, it is inescapable to hear the “cult” label thrown around towards the opposing religious group. The word “cult” is used as an insult and is completely misused in today’s language. This leads religious groups to defend themselves against the epithet. It is important to know what the word... Read more »
12 types of the Visible Christian church: The Good, the Bad, the UglyIn discussing the Holy Catholic Church, the types of “visible” churches came into discussion. These churches have true believers in them, some have very few believers and some have many true believers. There can be more types drafted from the Bible; however, I was able to extract the below 12 different types of the “visible”... Read more »
Being ’ filled with ’ or ’ the Baptism of ’  the Holy SpiritIn discussing the Holy Spirit, the subject about being “filled” or “baptized” with the Holy Spirit came up. The Bible shows a distinction between being regenerated or saved by the washing and renewing of the Holy Spirit and having gifts bestowed upon a person. The indwelling of the Spirit prior to being “filled” or “baptized“... Read more »
Should pastors work or should they receive full time salaries?Probably one of the most hated issues in the Christian church, by Christians and Non-Christians alike, is how much money pastors are paid. Even more so lately, as the average salary for pastors has risen tremendously. Pastors earning a salary from their congregation is a relatively new occurrence in the Christian church. The early church... Read more »