Saint Augustine of HippoSaint Augustine of Hippo is considered by many to be the greatest Christian theologian of the church. He is called a “Doctor of the Church” by Roman Catholics and Anglicans and is considered the “Father” of the protestant reformation by many. He lived between 354 and 430 A.D. in Africa, which is modern day Algeria.... Read more »
Eusebius Pamphilus of CaesareaEusebius Pamphilus of Caesarea was a great christian historian and bible critic that contributed immensely to the modern Bible we have today. He was born around 260 to 265 and died around 339 to 340 AD. He lived in Caesarea which is now day Israel near Tel Aviv. His works, especially on the “Ecclesiastical History”... Read more »
Saint Athanasius of AlexandriaSaint Athanasius of Alexandria was born in c. 296 A.D. and died in 373 A.D. He was called a “Doctor of the Church” and is considered one of the greatest theologians in the Christian faith. His christological teaching helped to form our understanding of the trinity we hold today. He was from Alexandria in Egypt.... Read more »
Saint Ignatius of AntiochSaint Ignatius of Antioch was a great Christian and early church father that wrote several letters that are referenced by Christians today. He was killed by the Roman government because he did not worship the Roman Emperor or the Roman gods. Saint Ignatius’s birth day is unknown. He was born somewhere around 40 A.D.. Antioch... Read more »