Did Jesus preach the gospel to spirits in hades and raise them to heaven?A really good comment was submitted from my contact page in regards to "hades." This is the comment that was sent. "One thing I think you may have not considered or mentioned on the “paradise” issue is it *prior to the resurrection* being a separated compartment of sheol. You did say this was also the... Read more »
Could a person’s spirit have existed before their soul was created?I recently received a couple questions from my friend ObeyAllGodCommands which stated, Hello, James, I was wondering since spirit and soul are different things and a soul is the combination of a body and a spirit then could a person’s spirit have existed before their soul was created? Also, could different people share/ have the... Read more »
Article Review of “The Best Christian Argument for Marriage Equality” by Brandon AmbrosinoThis article is dedicated to my friend Jeff Matson who asked me to give my opinion on the article, The Best Christian Argument for Marriage Equality Is That the Bible Got It Wrong. Christians need to accept that Jesus was sometimes wrong—in fact, he might even want us to. by Brandon Ambrosino. I am very... Read more »
General overview of the proof of Miracles in the New TestamentThe context of this article is about miracles in general and is not an exhaustive explanation of every miracle. The Virgin birth or the resurrection of Christ will not be discussed here as those are discussed elsewhere. Only referring to the “miracles” of the New Testament. It is important to note that, none of the... Read more »
The difference between the Book of Mormon and the Christian New TestamentThis article is dedicated to “The Cult of Eh” who is a professed atheist. I hope this helps in the understanding of the difference between Mormon and Christian beliefs. While this is not exhaustive, I tried to hit the main points so as to not be a diatribe. To see the tweets that sparked this... Read more »