Infographic: Apologists, Deviants, with the Creeds and ConfessionsThis Infograpahic is a study guide that correlates the major Christian Apologists through history with the major deviant teachings (heresies) and the Confessions and Creeds that were written as a result.  All dates are approximations unless they are a fully established birth date, creed date, or the founding of a particular religion. You can also... Read more »
Quotes from the Early Church Fathers: The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, The DidacheThe Teaching of the Twelve Apostles is also known as “The Didache.” Eusebius talks about it in his “Ecclesiastical History” in Book 3 chapter 25 and calls it the Institutions of the Apostles. The exact date it was written is unknown; however, it is attributed to the first or second century. The writing put forth... Read more »
The history and authority of the Apostles CreedThe origin of the precise text of the Apostle’s Creed is unknown; however, it does not take much research to find that the text is fully supported in the Bible. The Apostle’s Creed is a simplified statement of faith that concisely articulates the basics of the Christian faith. The Apostle’s Creed is the foundation of... Read more »
Eusebius Pamphilus of CaesareaEusebius Pamphilus of Caesarea was a great christian historian and bible critic that contributed immensely to the modern Bible we have today. He was born around 260 to 265 and died around 339 to 340 AD. He lived in Caesarea which is now day Israel near Tel Aviv. His works, especially on the “Ecclesiastical History”... Read more »
The Reformation Wall Monument in Geneva SwitzerlandReformation Wall (Mur des Réformateurs) is the international monument to the Reformation the great leaders of the Christian Reformation. The monument is located in Geneva Switzerland. The monument also includes important events and documents that changed the world as we know it today. The monument was built in 1909 for John Calvin’s 400th birthday. Built... Read more »