Did Jesus preach the gospel to spirits in hades and raise them to heaven?A really good comment was submitted from my contact page in regards to "hades." This is the comment that was sent. "One thing I think you may have not considered or mentioned on the “paradise” issue is it *prior to the resurrection* being a separated compartment of sheol. You did say this was also the... Read more »
The Creator of heaven and earthThe underlying theme in all Christian theology and teaching is the concept that God created everything. Christianity does not teach a theology of random, arbitrary chances that made everything coming into being. This is stated simply in the Apostles creed and expounded in the confessions. God created everything While Christians believe God the Father created... Read more »
He ascended into heavenAn essential teaching in Christianity is that Christ ascended into heaven. Before He ascended, he taught the disciples what to do in their ministry. This supports even more that the disciples were witnesses to His resurrection. The disciples knew He was raised from the dead because, they all touched Him and felt His body. After... Read more »