Infographic: Apologists, Deviants, with the Creeds and ConfessionsThis Infograpahic is a study guide that correlates the major Christian Apologists through history with the major deviant teachings (heresies) and the Confessions and Creeds that were written as a result.  All dates are approximations unless they are a fully established birth date, creed date, or the founding of a particular religion. You can also... Read more »
Lesson Plan: Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms study guideThe Westminster Confession of Faith and it’s corresponding Catechisms are essential for the understanding of the Christian Reformed Faith. Below is a lesson plan designed that parallels the Confession with the Catechisms. For a printable copy in PDF file format please click here. Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechism study guide Syllabus 1 Introduction Historical... Read more »