Article Review of “The Best Christian Argument for Marriage Equality” by Brandon AmbrosinoThis article is dedicated to my friend Jeff Matson who asked me to give my opinion on the article, The Best Christian Argument for Marriage Equality Is That the Bible Got It Wrong. Christians need to accept that Jesus was sometimes wrong—in fact, he might even want us to. by Brandon Ambrosino. I am very... Read more »
Explanation of the Christian doctrine of the TrinityThe Trinity is one of the most controversial teachings in Christianity. There are many views that are incorrect and the analogies Christians come up with are not even close to accurate. While many believe the trinity cannot be explained, this article is dedicated to explaining the trinity in the most simple terms possible. Incorrect views... Read more »
General overview of the proof of Miracles in the New TestamentThe context of this article is about miracles in general and is not an exhaustive explanation of every miracle. The Virgin birth or the resurrection of Christ will not be discussed here as those are discussed elsewhere. Only referring to the “miracles” of the New Testament. It is important to note that, none of the... Read more »
The difference between the Book of Mormon and the Christian New TestamentThis article is dedicated to “The Cult of Eh” who is a professed atheist. I hope this helps in the understanding of the difference between Mormon and Christian beliefs. While this is not exhaustive, I tried to hit the main points so as to not be a diatribe. To see the tweets that sparked this... Read more »
Quotes from the Early Church Fathers: The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, The DidacheThe Teaching of the Twelve Apostles is also known as “The Didache.” Eusebius talks about it in his “Ecclesiastical History” in Book 3 chapter 25 and calls it the Institutions of the Apostles. The exact date it was written is unknown; however, it is attributed to the first or second century. The writing put forth... Read more »
Quotes from the Early Church Fathers: Man in God’s image and the TrinityThe Church Fathers, Tertullian and Augustine both explained the trinity in regards to man being created in the image of God. Their explanation was not like modern day explanations that teach man is body, soul, and spirit. This explanation of the Trinity and man being created in the image of God is not found in... Read more »
The history and authority of the Apostles CreedThe origin of the precise text of the Apostle’s Creed is unknown; however, it does not take much research to find that the text is fully supported in the Bible. The Apostle’s Creed is a simplified statement of faith that concisely articulates the basics of the Christian faith. The Apostle’s Creed is the foundation of... Read more »
Brief Apology: Refutation of the Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification LieI wrote this article because on March 10, 2015, the “Most Holy Family Monastery” Anti-Roman catholic sect tweeted to me a few insults about a video they produced. You can see the tweet here: Quotes from the Early Church Fathers: Christ Begotten from Eternity – Apostles Creed In this video, “Most Holy Family Monastery” targets... Read more »
Quotes from the Early Church Fathers: The Word, Virgin birth, and  IncarnationThe early Christian Fathers all taught that Christ is God. They taught that Christ is the Word of God incarnate as a human born from the virgin Mary. Not only did they teach Christ was Christ begotten from eternity, they also taught that He became a man and lived on earth as the only begotten Son... Read more »
Quotes from the Early Church Fathers: Christ Begotten from EternityThe doctrine of the Trinity has a core teaching that was taught by the early church. The early church taught that Christ was begotten before eternity. This is a necessary and scriptural teaching of the nature of Christ. Christianity teaches that Christ is fully God and Fully man. When discussing Christs divinity, the early church... Read more »
Quotes from the Early Church Fathers: on the TrinityBefore we can come to a clear understanding of the doctrine of the trinity in Christianity, it is absolutely imperative to read what the early church fathers taught about God. The Trinity was expounded upon over time through the study and defense of the Apostolic and Old Testament teachings. The early church fathers originally only... Read more »
What is a Cult and a Non-Christian cult in Christianity?In todays debate between differing religious groups, it is inescapable to hear the “cult” label thrown around towards the opposing religious group. The word “cult” is used as an insult and is completely misused in today’s language. This leads religious groups to defend themselves against the epithet. It is important to know what the word... Read more »
12 types of the Visible Christian church: The Good, the Bad, the UglyIn discussing the Holy Catholic Church, the types of “visible” churches came into discussion. These churches have true believers in them, some have very few believers and some have many true believers. There can be more types drafted from the Bible; however, I was able to extract the below 12 different types of the “visible”... Read more »