12 types of the Visible Christian church: The Good, the Bad, the UglyIn discussing the Holy Catholic Church, the types of “visible” churches came into discussion. These churches have true believers in them, some have very few believers and some have many true believers. There can be more types drafted from the Bible; however, I was able to extract the below 12 different types of the “visible”... Read more »
Being ’ filled with ’ or ’ the Baptism of ’  the Holy SpiritIn discussing the Holy Spirit, the subject about being “filled” or “baptized” with the Holy Spirit came up. The Bible shows a distinction between being regenerated or saved by the washing and renewing of the Holy Spirit and having gifts bestowed upon a person. The indwelling of the Spirit prior to being “filled” or “baptized“... Read more »
Saint Augustine of HippoSaint Augustine of Hippo is considered by many to be the greatest Christian theologian of the church. He is called a “Doctor of the Church” by Roman Catholics and Anglicans and is considered the “Father” of the protestant reformation by many. He lived between 354 and 430 A.D. in Africa, which is modern day Algeria.... Read more »
Refutation of “Abraham’s Bosom” or “Paradise” in HadesMany Christians teach a concept called “Abraham’s Bosom.” This teaching purports that Hades or Sheol has two separate areas within it. One area is for the unrighteous in torment and the other is Paradise. They teach that Paradise is where all the righteous go before the resurrection of the dead at the last day. The... Read more »
Answers to objections to the Son of God being begotten from eternityThe teaching that the Son of God was begotten from God before eternity is denied by some Christians. An Example of this is Wayne Jackson’s article on “Was Jesus the ‘Son of God’ Eternally?“. Wayne Jackson poses several arguments against the Orthodox teaching. A few of his reasons are that “Begotten Is Not Eternal,” the... Read more »
What does it mean to be a Christian?There is much confusion in Christianity today on what it means to be a Christian. The church, in general, seems to have lost the identity they are supposed to clearly teach. Because of the bombardment of absurd statements about what a Christian is, I am writing this article to clarify the subject. A Christian has... Read more »
What is a " Naturalist " and " SuperNaturalist " in Christianity?Christianity is very diverse in it’s theology. While Christianity has no easy categorization of beliefs, Christians will generally fall into one of two types: the Naturalist or the Supernaturalist. Most Christians are a mixture of Supernaturalist and Naturalist; however, most Christians lean towards naturalism. This has to do with the understanding of the “Order of... Read more »
Eusebius Pamphilus of CaesareaEusebius Pamphilus of Caesarea was a great christian historian and bible critic that contributed immensely to the modern Bible we have today. He was born around 260 to 265 and died around 339 to 340 AD. He lived in Caesarea which is now day Israel near Tel Aviv. His works, especially on the “Ecclesiastical History”... Read more »
Should pastors work or should they receive full time salaries?Probably one of the most hated issues in the Christian church, by Christians and Non-Christians alike, is how much money pastors are paid. Even more so lately, as the average salary for pastors has risen tremendously. Pastors earning a salary from their congregation is a relatively new occurrence in the Christian church. The early church... Read more »
Man’s best friendEvery one has heard the saying “Man’s best friend“. When people say this, they are usually talking about a dog. While dogs are great creatures and surely help any household, “Man’s best friend” is no beast. From the beginning, there was no beast that could possibly be suitable for a man. Because of this, God... Read more »
What is sin?The subject of sin seems to be very cryptic as of recent years and continually lands Christians into confusion. I heard a sermon recently on the exact question “What is Sin?” and the answer was confusing and vague. The answer the pastor gave was “disobeying God.” Subsequently, the sermon was about drinking too much alcohol... Read more »
All Christians teach that God is eternal. They use the Bible primarily to explain why; but, what if someone needs a logical reason that is not based on the Bible. I wrote this article to show that, not only does the Bible teach that God is eternal; but, the normal logical mind can come to... Read more »
The Creator of heaven and earthThe underlying theme in all Christian theology and teaching is the concept that God created everything. Christianity does not teach a theology of random, arbitrary chances that made everything coming into being. This is stated simply in the Apostles creed and expounded in the confessions. God created everything While Christians believe God the Father created... Read more »